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Welcome, reader, to our 100% original do-not-steal puzzle game.

The objective is to rotate triangles of protocandies to make actual candies for destruction in freemium puzzle games for casuals. This is not a hard task, so you also have a Quota to make!

Make all the candies, and meet all the quotas by doing so in as few moves as possible! Combos! Exciting combos for chaining together your candymaking! Make numbers get bigger! Clear all 15 levels, get stars! Feel accomplished!

Left and right mouse buttons - Rotate a triangle counterclockwise/clockwise respectively
R - Restart a puzzle
Esc - Quit the puzzle/go back
F11 - Change the title of the game on the title screen

Create a candy = +100 points
For every move under par = +100 bonus points

Published Feb 04, 2014
AuthorEvery Additional Lizard


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